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  • logo for haskell haskell
  • logo for nix nix
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  • logo for shell shell
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logo for haskell
Haskell is an advanced, purely functional programming language - homepage my haskell projects
logo for nix
Nix is a purely functional package manager, and a powerful language for expressing reproducible environments and builds - homepage
logo for svg
I create animated Scalable Vector Graphics - my codepen account
logo for shell
I abuse shell scripts, for example creating, rasterizing and stiching together thousands of svgs into a video.
logo for lambda calculus
There’s beauty in small algebras that can express all computation - my lambda repl
logo for C
C is the language to beat for speed, minimalism and universality - my C projects
logo for Rust
Rust is a strongly typed, fast, and safe systems language - my rust projects